Dreams of Being Pregnant

Dreams of being pregnant do not necessarily point towards pregnancy in reality, unless you are trying to become a parent in your waking life. Such a dream usually points towards some growing and developing aspect of your life or a new opportunity.

It is said that the present is pregnant with the future.
– Voltaire

Interpretations for Dreams of Being Pregnant

  • Dreams about pregnancy often symbolize creativity, new ideas, projects or relationships. They also signify prosperity and material success. On the other hand, miscarriage in dreams indicates frustration, loss of hope or uncertainty.
  • When planning to have a baby in reality, dreams of pregnancy reflect your desire of becoming pregnant. Nonetheless, they can also foretell an actual pregnancy.
  • Pregnancy dreams or dreams of taking pregnancy test denote fear of responsibility when you are not looking forward to pregnancy in reality. Dreams involving pregnancy tests otherwise indicate that you might be put to test in new surroundings.
  • Dreaming of being pregnant with a dying baby means that your plans and efforts on a project are not likely to reap encouraging results.
  • If a woman is actually expecting a baby then her dream about pregnancy symbolizes her anxieties related to chances of complications and worries pertaining to motherhood.
  • At times, women dream of being pregnant when they are frightened of the experience of giving birth in actuality. In such cases, dreams involving pregnancy address this problem by removing their fears.
  • Dreams about being pregnant with twins are often difficult to interpret. Such dreams can either imply duality in thoughts or balance and harmony.
  • If a young, unwed girl sees herself pregnant in a dream, it points towards the possibility of some loss, more so in terms of reputation.
  • In case of men, dreams of being pregnant can be interpreted as a sort of enlightenment for self-awareness to help them explore creative facets of their personality. It can also represent their acceptance of responsibility in a particular area of life.

Like any other dream, proper analysis of pregnancy dreams involves remembering them with full details and studying all the aspects comprehensively.

For example, dreams involving pregnancy, or having twins or multiples are more common in women who are actually pregnant. Interestingly, mothers-to-be are more prone to vivid dreams during this phase.

Coming back to interpretation of dreams of being pregnant, it is suggested that you pay heed to the emotions that you felt during the dream and consider your circumstances in waking life to help you guide towards the correct meaning of your dream. Plus, do not ignore your instincts.

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