Astral Projection for Beginners


So you just want one quick success just to prove to yourself that it’s real and not just run-of-the-mill internet uncertainty?

Ok, I’ll give you one easy technique for beginners. This technique has a high success rate but it requires a really messed up sleep schedule, which many people cannot afford to have. You may notice that you remember more dreams when you take several naps instead of having one long 8 hour period of sleep. There are many possible reasons for this. During one long period of sleep you go through many cycles and stages of deep sleep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and more. People usually have dreams during the REM stage. It is assumed that astral projection also happens during this stage.

You ever notice that the longer you are awake for, the more difficult it is to remember your dream? Your subtler bodies experienced the dream, not your brain. Unless you consciously commit them to memory and thereby upload the memories to your physical brain, you will not remember them. During a long period of sleep, you miss out on several chances to commit things to memory, as you just continue sleeping. If you only take short naps, however, you at least have a chance to commit most of your dreams to memory. So now to our technique to help beginners project their astral body (excuse the misnomer).

First step

Set your alarm to go off 5 hours later.

Second step

Go to sleep.

Third step

When your alarm goes off, wake up. Walk around, do something non-relaxing, watch some funny videos on YouTube, do some exercise, anything except relaxing or meditating. After about 30 minutes, go back to bed. As you’re falling asleep, try to think about how you are going to astral project or think about leaving your body or something like that. Pretend it’s already happened. See yourself excited about it having happened. If everything goes well, you will find yourself outside of your body, even as a beginner. You may remember leaving your body, or you may black it out. You may encounter sleep paralysis, ignore it as well as anything else you feel or see. Do NOT get excited about it. Excitement will remind you of your body, and if you focus on your physical body, you will not be able to tune your focus outside of your body for the experience.


I would not recommend doing this often or long term, you have to mess up your sleep schedule possibly causing problems socially with anyone you may live with.

Do it a few times till you get a success under your belt as proof for yourself that it is a real experience and not a fairy tale! Once you’ve got the experience, I would suggest you try to master how to astral project because that is true mastery. Don’t be satisfied with superficial beginner‘s techniques! Honestly, how annoyed would you be if you wanted to astral project for some specific reason and simply couldn’t because you lacked the skill to pull it off when all the stars aren’t currently perfectly aligned to assist you into phasing out of physicality?

things-to-do-in-lucid-dreamThink of it like this. Imagine you have studied 10 minutes for a test. Now you are taking the test, and suddenly someone bites their tongue on accident and screams, surprising you. Every 10 seconds something happens to distract you. Do you really think your 10 minutes of studying will be enough to weather the storm? The information is not in your long-time memory, it’s not mastered. You will not be able to use it under pressure or in situations you are not used to. That’s the curse of beginners. Now imagine the same scenario, but you’ve studied the material for over 300 hours. You know the material inside out. You could recite all the answers without thinking about it and even add extra bonus content to your answers because you studied so well. Do you think a few distractions will stop you from acing that test then? Not likely! So do you want to learn a technique to project that only works under the best and most optimal of conditions, or do you want to master astral projection so completely that you can do it whenever you want?

A more physical example: Think of it like a basketball trick someone shows you one time. You may be able to pull it off while standing still, fully concentrated on the ball, but will you be able to pull it off with an entire opposing team chasing you, bumping into you, while you are running away, maintaining balance and dribbling all at the same time? That’s a tall order! Now imagine you practice that one trick several hundred times. You can do it while running, laughing, dribbling, even with one hand, while you chat up your best buddy on your cell! That is the kind of mastery I hope to attain when I project, as opposed to using a little trick that only works under the perfect conditions and keeps beginners frustrated for years.

What about you?!

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