Astral Projection

So what is this Astral Projection stuff anyway? What are the benefits and dangers of astral projecting? How does it relate to my life, and is it even important? Our site will endeavor to answer all these questions and more, but first, for the absolute beginner interested in the paranormal, who has no idea what it means to travel about in the astral plane, a short introduction.

Am I going to get possessed?

Although the word projection is used, you are not actually leaving your physical body, therefore no possession is possible.

We will analyze this further here

Can anyone do it?

Those with heart conditions who can easily be frightened by new and unknown things should not attempt this!

As most astral projectors will be forced to face their fears and (hopefully) conquer them! (Though astral projection is not dangerous per se, if something on the physical realm can literally scare you to death, you should not be doing anything new and exciting).

In which dimension?

The dimension most often visited during astral travel is the very same dimension people visit upon their physical passing.

Yes, that’s right, you can literally visit “heaven or hell” (though those places do not exist as per the religious understanding). (Please do not be afraid, you will not, “go to hell”, even if you have “sinned. Use astral projection to see the inner worlds for yourself and prove to yourself that you are an immortal soul; this is the greatest reason for many to attempt an OBE).

Brain Vs Mind

things-to-do-in-lucid-dreamAnother thing people need to realize is that there is a marked and tremendous difference between the physical brain and the mind! During a projection into the astral plane, your brain and body are both fast asleep, but your MIND is awake.

Your mind is not, I repeat, NOT physical in nature.

It is a part of you which makes active decisions and controls the body. The brain is a mere receiver, like a radio; or at most, an interface for interacting with physicality.



Before you give up and think, OH NO, this is too hard for me, let me tell you a secret.


10710897_10152750341881840_4348723451055062736_nYou have already astral projected before. In fact, it was very recent. If you slept last night, you had over 10 dreams, most probably. (Everybody dreams during REM sleep, whether they remember it or not)

The problem is when the consciousness returns its focus to the physical body, the physical brain is not trained to download the memories from the mind! This can be achieved by actively making an effort to remember the dreams upon awakening. Dreams are a type of automatic OBE that occur every night.

An OBE that you intentionally produce, will feel different, however, and possibly very limited in the beginning depending on many factors like physical health, diet, sunlight exposure, belief systems, etc., in part because you are trying to do things that the mind usually automatically does for you. (Try controlling the speed of your breathing for a few minutes and you will tire of it quickly!)

Unfortunately, this can be a very subjective experience, as the astral realm is also called the emotion world by some. This is a dimension where your emotions can change your surroundings! Literally! If you are afraid of demons, you will see demons. If you love cats, you will see cats. Anything you set your focus on will appear there! This is the basis for the methodology behind things like the law of attraction in “The Secret” or the famous quote from Jesus:

Whoever has will be given more, and they will have an abundance.Whoever does not have, even what they have will be taken from them.”

Be willing to learn from any source as Bruce Lee once said: “Use only that which works, and take it from any place you can find it.”

We hope that our website will help you learn how to astral project.

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