Dreams About Teeth Falling Out

Dreams about teeth falling out usually indicate that you are feeling insecure and uncertain, especially in terms of appearance or self-image. Such dreams point towards the fact that you are worried about how others perceive you.

However, before coming to any conclusion right away, it is better to thoroughly analyze your dream about teeth. For instance, if you dream of spitting out your teeth, it foretells sickness, whether for yourself or an immediate family member.

Interpretations on dreams of falling teeth

  • It has been observed that women around the age of 40 or the ones who are dealing with symptoms of menopause are more likely to dream about teeth falling out meaning that they are anxious about their appearance because of getting old.
  • Such dreams can also indicate fear of being embarrassed or an inability in getting your point across to other people. Recurring dreams involving loss of tooth/teeth denote that you are losing a part of yourself.
  • Scientific interpretation of such a dream points towards fear of losing beauty. It can be associated with anxiety about impotence too.
  • Another classical interpretation of dreams about losing teeth focuses on the need to adapt to a crucial change that is about to take place in your waking life. It is like losing milk teeth when moving from childhood to adulthood.
  • Apart from fear of rejection or loneliness, seeing your teeth falling out in a dream may simply represent your fear of losing teeth.
  • Dreaming of having difficulty in communicating with others as your teeth have fallen out shows lack of confidence, especially in groups.
  • To dream of broken or chipped teeth denotes broken contracts, relationships or promises. To see your teeth knocked out warns of sudden misfortune.
  • According to Islamic culture, dreams about teeth falling out predict long illness of a close friend or family member. Biblical interpretation, on the other hand, reflects that you need to place your faith in the words of God, rather than man, in order to get guidance from Him.
  • To see that your teeth fall out but come out again pretty easily means that you are undergoing a transition period in your life.
  • To dream of having gap between your teeth warns you of the possibility of having allowed yourself to be deceived by somebody you trust.
  • Seeing your teeth white and clean implies pleasant work situation and fulfillment of desires, whereas rotten or decayed teeth signify difficulties. Loose teeth represent instability.
  • Imperfect teeth in a dream portend failure, loss of property or illness.
  • More often than not, gold teeth indicate riches.
  • At times, dreaming about losing teeth can draw your attention to underlying dental problems that your conscious mind is not aware of.

While analyzing any dreams about teeth falling out, make sure you keep in mind the emotions that you felt in the dream. For example, there is no need to be frightened of a dream wherein you feel relieved while your teeth are being removed by a dentist. In case you are terrified by teeth dreams, you can practice lucid dreaming to control such dreams.

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