Astral Projection Time Travel

Astral projection is the state of mind that travels outside the body. The state where the eternity is being experienced within your lifetime. This is also known as Nirvana. Astral projecting doesn’t take place to every person. It is achievable only by those of us who have a deep sense of intellectual self-awareness. Meditation and hypnosis are the gateways to astral projection time travel.

Time travel is achievable. There is no law of physics that says traveling in time is impossible. In fact, it’s the other way around – traveling in time is in the laws of physics. If you never heard of the idea called astral projection – all this might sound really strange and kind of something out of the movies, but it is all true.

Astral projection time travel has existed for many centuries. The idea and the teaching come from ancient China. Zen masters began searching for their astral projection time travel while they were in their deep sleep. This is the basics where all starts with the process of setting your mind taking control over the body. Once the mind takes over, it uses the energy produced by the body as its main source of energy. Setting the mind apart of the body is only achievable by deep hypnosis or deep meditation.

The ancient masters once gone in deep meditation were been able to stay in this state for as long as they want. It can take many years combined with strong once believe and hard work dedication to get into the state where the mind starts to be different places and times. The people who master this process can switch into astral projection time travel like a light switch.

Ancient masters were looking for a way to become part of nature.  The body has needs that the mind should not have. Even today all this sound like unbelievable thing that people should not even think about it. People usually do what their body tells them to do. If the body feels tired – they sleep, if the body is hungry – they eat. The mind does not need nutrition nor water. All the mind needs is air.

According to the ancient teachings life comes from the air. If there is air there is life. Water is life and it is alive. When we breath we actually travel in time. The air can give us experience and pleasure of being at place where the mind can only be. You can be in a room with shades on for months, but at the same time you can be on sunny island with flowers and birds singing music in your ears.

Setting your mind travel different places than your physical body actually is, it influences your creativity. Your soul is aware in two places at once. Once you can start seeing yourself outside your body, same as someone watching you from their own eyes – you have achieved the astral viewpoint. The illusion inside the mind is being derived out and made reality.

All that astral projection time travel does is proving that mind/soul can exist without the physical body. The body is used for keeping the soul and the body can’t be without the soul. This is what all religions teach. It’s their main goal to prepare us for afterlife. Whether you believe it or not astral projection helps you see and be places where just physically you can’t be.

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  1. Michael Bell

    I keep having reoccurring dreams of being in biblical times and walking and talking with Jesus and the apostles, I even become one of the locals who follow along. Please help me with an explanation.


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