The Ultimate (AP) Astral Projection Technique – Part II : Meditation

Realize that not all methods will work for everyone, but this method is very optimal for people with an Asian/Oriental soul personality, due to their frugal nature, and the tendency of meditation to do away with the unnecessary (movements and thoughts that obstruct your progress). Nevertheless, I have found a way to make this work even for the occidental soul so we too, can engage in astral projection.

You have to start small! Don’t worry about too many things at once in the beginning, we’ll keep this method simple. Just use the lotus stance (more advanced!) or sit in a hard chair (easier!), back absolutely straight and do not move (a stool would be better so you would be forced to support your own back, which adds to your awareness levels). Keeping your back straight is important so that you do not develop bad posture which weakens your body in all sorts of ways. A weak body equals a weak mind, which will not help us in astral projection. It is also important so that your spiritual energy (chakra energy, qi, ki, prana, rukh, ruach etc) can flow freely without any more unnecessary blockages than we may already possess!

That’s literally all there is to this method for the moment. Keep your body absolutely still for a predetermined amount of time, having set a timer beforehand. Use your will to scan your body every minute or so to make sure that, though your back is straight, all other muscles are relaxed, especially shoulders, face, mouth, brow, etc. Make sure to keep checking, the muscles have a habit of tensing up for no obvious reason while we concentrate. Do not give up before the set time, or your will power will weaken, which will weaken your awareness during astral projection. Set small goals to start with if you have to. 10 minutes may be enough for the beginner, but you should not stop, not for any itch, not for any phantom pains you may feel. You will, however have to use your judgement to tell whether any pain you feel is just your body being a whiner or something more serious, which brings us to our next warning: Please exercise common sense and interrupt the meditation session if your life is in danger from within or without.

Once this comes easily to you and you can do sessions of an hour, you then do the same thing over again, but this time you are going to control your breathing. Most people breathe loudly and roughly (myself included, trust me this distracts you during an astral projection). You are going to consciously breathe gently and slowly, not making that trademark low-pitched whistling sound while breathing. Once you can do this easily, you then worry about making sure your mind and emotions are absolutely quieted down. Do not resist them – that will not work! Instead just focus completely on your breathing and let the thoughts go. With practice and firm will power, this method can be done. Realize that will power and concentration absolutely do NOT mean you can scrunch up your forehead. That is not real concentration and will keep your stress levels up! This is the only technique that has provided me with reliable results, every single time.

So why does this method work? What does this even have to do with astral projection? Know that when you astral project, your unconscious mind is active at the same time your conscious mind is active. If your conscious mind is weak and easily distracted, you will simply fall asleep mentally. Meditation skyrockets your will power which strengthens your conscious mind (a.k.a. your ego). Please note: Though I don’t know how it will go for experts, when starting out, do not expect to project out of the body DURING the meditation. It may happen, or it may not happen. However, it’s not the goal of the meditation session. The goal of the session is to increase your Resting Awareness Level (RAL). This will cause you to became aware while asleep and dreaming, leading to a lucid dream at the very least, or an out-of-body experience like astral projection! For beginners this momentary awareness increase may only grant you very short out-of-body experiences, but since this is real progress, I say it’s a good thing!

Other related tips for meditation:

Though you can technically also do this lying down on your back, I do not recommend this. In my personal experience, I fall asleep very often instead of meditating. So do this while sitting down.

If you get really good at this, there are ways to supercharge your meditation sessions in the future. For example: imagining a candle light burning in your mind, watching the flame flicker to and fro is one way. Later upgrading it to complex shapes that are grow ever more complex over the years. Growth is paramount. Do not stagnate with pure repetition of the same old things.

This will ensure that your RAL levels stay high. That’s all for meditation, but stay tuned, we’ve got a treat for you in the next part of our series as we call on an The Power of the Ritual to aid us in our path to Astral Projection mastery.


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