Astral Projection Spells

Astral projection spells are the journeys of the soul outside the physical body. The mind traveling outside the body is in the roots of most religions and teaching that we know today. It is also known as the State of Nirvana. The state where the mind is getting prepared for the afterlife. It’s not by mistake that all religions are teaching us to be prepared for life after death. Whether one believes or not in life after death there are many proves that living humans can have their mind travel outside the body.

Meditation is the state of the mind where the mind controls the physical power of the body. The power of mind is really big. It’s that big that in many cases people practicing astral meditation healed their bodies from illnesses. That is truly possible as the knowledge combined with sleep and dreams overpowers the boundaries of ones existence.

There have been performed many medical studies trying to explain the phenomena of astral projection but none of them gives reasonable explanation written down on paper. All this have to be experienced not just observed. Astral projection is the study of mind where life comes true the soul not just the body functions. Some people practicing astral projection can survive without food and water for months. There is no medical explanation how the body can survive without food and water for such long time.

The body to be kept alive needs: air, water and nutrition. As for the mind is just state of being. Getting to the point where you can travel in space and time just by using the power of your mind is done with meditation and visualization. Masters of astral projection can turn their state of being like a light switch. The three dimensional world as we know it is only where the physical body and the physical objects can be.

Trough astral projection spells you travel to places which can be seen only by the people who can master the process of splitting the mind from the body.  If you had any doubts about the power of mind, you should not have them anymore. The mind is so powerful as the mind is what we really are for real. Our mind mirrors our way of life and the understanding we have for the surrounding world.

The state of transforming the physical energy into mind energy is where you master your existence. Don’t think of astral projection as way of controlling others. That is not possible. The only one you can control is your own world and the way you live it. Masters of astral projection describe the power they have achieved of knowing themselves as walking a thin line between this and the outer world. Knowing yourself and not being afraid of what’s next in your life is what we all shall try to achieve. We as humans have made many major mistakes in our development in this world as we lost the feeling that we are part of the nature.

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