The Ultimate (AP) Astral Projection Technique – Part V: Mantras

In our quest for mastery of the art of astral projection we require a permanent raising of our RAL (Resting Awareness Level). Lucky for us, this is not a genetic trait, but a skill that anyone can learn and acquire. We are now going to make use of the eastern Mantra to aid us. This article is slightly different from the others in this series, as this skill is both a direct astral projection technique, as well as a RAL raising method; an active and passive skill at the same time, if you will.

In case you don’t know what a mantra is, the over-simplified explanation is that it’s a word or sentence that is repeated over and over again. There are two kinds, the meaningless one and the mantra with meaning. An example of a meaningless mantra would be: Taz Del Duzh Sepha Koora Nix. No meaning is obvious to our intellect from this group of randomly thrown together sounds. A mantra with meaning would be “I am awake; I am aware – in all dimensions”. How you word the mantra is up to you, but I recommend positive language in the present tense.

Though the true mantra used special words that were supposed to be spiritually powerful frequencies within themselves, we are going to use the mantra to give our awareness a turbo boost. This is one of those techniques which are easy and difficult at the same time. It is easy because it is simple and requires no complex thought or memorization of steps or order. It is difficult because you must walk a subtle line between sleep and wakefulness. Once you’ve chosen the mantra you wish to use, it is imperative that you realize you cannot just mindlessly repeat your mantra. It has to be done with will power and awareness. This is effectively an indirect concentration exercise where you focus your awareness on the mantra. You may choose to do this every night as an astral projection and RAL increasing method.

You must choose a sleeping position you find most comfortable so that you absolutely do not move. This technique alone might get you an astral projection or two, so give this your all! (If you are overweight, you will be prone to snore, and you will not be able to breathe properly if you lay on your back, and the sound will be distracting to you as well. You will need to lay on one side, preferably your left side). Once you’ve gotten comfortable enough that you are confident you will not need to move, your mental chanting of the mantra begins. If you are alone in the house, you may begin the chanting out loud and slowly transition into mental chanting.

Always remember, you CANNOT do this automatically without thinking about it, otherwise you will be strengthening the unconscious mind, which is exactly what we do NOT want happening; she is strong enough already. You must do this consciously, intentionally, and with firm, yet non-straining will power. Once you have done this hundreds of times (varies from person to person) you may notice yourself falling asleep, and your chosen mantra wavering, instead of: “I am awake; I am aware..” you might hear yourself say “I am awaaa…” or something of the like, which is a sure sign that you are falling asleep and watching yourself fall asleep. Re-double your efforts and continue mentally chanting the mantra until you get it right again. You are pretty much walking the thin line between wakefulness and sleep and trying to find the right balance to trick the body into thinking you’re asleep when your conscious mind is actually fully awake. This personally got me an astral projection on my first try.

As an alternative, you may use the pure RAL increasing method without the astral projection technique. This is simple, just sit down on a chair, stool, or on the floor and chant your chosen mantra for a pre-set amount of time. This is very similar to the meditation method, in fact, you might also consider this a meditation method.

Thanks for reading part 5 of our series, and be sure to catch our next article where we slowly increase our will power with exercises in discipline to increase our RAL. Good luck!


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