The Ultimate (AP) Astral Projection Technique – Part VI: Incremental Enforcement of Will

This is one of the most important passive skills you require for raising your RAL. If you cannot sit still for 20 minutes during a meditation, you have a severe lack of will power. This will hinder you on your quest to astral project. The logic is easy to understand. After all, if you can’t sit still for 20 minutes, how can you think you will be able to lie still for 1 hour or more while retaining awareness and fighting the habitual urge to sleep when lying in bed. A lot of people don’t think about this, but astral projection is not something you can DO.

It’s an experience that you allow to happen. It is something that is already happening, but you have to gain the ability to notice and feel it. It seems easy, and it is in a manner of speaking. There is a reason why no one projection technique ever works twice in a row for beginners. That’s because it was all blind luck. For some reason your RAL was heightened far above its normal level and you could astral project. Any technique that does not work consistently is not a technique worth your time.

There are two major paths to astral projection:

  1. Like in our previous example you pick a couple of so-called techniques and use them over and over and sometimes they work and most of the time they don’t, and you never bother to meditate or increase your RAL or anything of the sort.
  2. For true mastery, you forsake these so-called techniques and instead take the long, hard path to increase your RAL, and then any technique or even no technique at all just plain works.

RAL is the main skill you require if you want to achieve lasting astral projection mastery. To achieve this, we are going to use a rather mundane method: habitual exercises in discipline.

This time we are going to call on the power of self-help to help us in the astral plane. Have you ever gone on a diet? Have you ever set a goal to start your own business or write a novel or finish a project or insert any goal you had here? What happened? Did you follow through? Did you stick to it no matter what? Whoops! This bad habit will rear its head when you attempt to have a projection of the astral body! Did you grind through the boring parts of the jobs to get everything finished? If you have weak discipline or will power, and you start a large goal and don’t complete it, this actually weakens your will power. It is far better to make a small and easy goal and achieve it than to fail at a huge goal (at least for the purposes of strengthening the will power).

Think about it again, if you cannot even sit still for a 20 minute meditation session what makes you think you have what it takes to lay there for an hour or more to get an astral projection as a beginner? Instead of wasting your time with failure, get some sure wins under your belt. Literally start at the bottom, the easy stuff, nothing hard in the beginning. If you find it hard to meditate for 20 minutes, why not start with one minute? Seriously. Just. One. Minute. Of course, one minute by itself is practically worthless for our purposes here, the idea is that you increase it with time. Add a minute every day. You’ll have 7 minutes of meditation in a week. 14 in two weeks, 21 in 3 weeks and 28 in 4 weeks. That’s a solid half an hour meditation discipline gained in 1 month.

Do this in various parts of your life. If you want to go on a diet, but never stick with it, just make one small change per month. (Diets are tough and you need to make absolutely sure that you follow through with them, so make it easy in the beginning.) Instead of two rolls in the morning, just eat one and a half. Instead of 2 cookies, 1 and a half. Instead of that morning coffee, try 3 times its volume in plain water.

Want to exercise but don’t have the discipline? Again, start small, 5 push-ups and squats per day and slowly increase them as you feel comfortable. This applies to anything. A page of a novel per day, 10 minutes of research into starting your own business, literally any goal can be achieved in small steps eventually. And so while you strengthen your discipline, you will keep up your efforts to increase your RAL, slowly, but surely, inching ever closer to ultimate awareness leading to easy astral projections. This is not a quick fix, this is the long, hard path. But isn’t everything good in life difficult to attain?

This concludes our mini-series for the Ultimate Astral Projection Technique. We hope you enjoyed it and may you succeed in your next astral projection!


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