The Ultimate (AP) Astral Projection Technique – Part III: The Power of the Ritual

Now for the next great skill to aid us on the path to astral travel. When people see the word ritual, they think of magic fantasy, a wizard chanting a long and very vocal spell in an ancient language, waving his hands dramatically all the while, with the end culminating in a climactic explosion of magical energy to be directed as the mage chooses. So you may be thinking, I’m not a mage… how can I use a ritual. Well, you’re incorrect in thinking that way. Magic is simply the influencing of physical matter with your will. You do this in very mundane ways every single day. By merely living and surviving you are already an average magus. If you want to do the really spectacular stuff, then you will have to work for it, just like in any other vocation or skill, mundane or not.

Do not underestimate this. I have personally used this method to counter a flu that was threatening to come into my body. You know what I mean… those vanguards of sickness, the warning signs, sensitive skin, sore muscles although you did no exercise, a general feeling of tiredness… I recognized these warning signs and proceeded to do this ritual as strongly as I could, as the warning signs were warning me of a really nasty flu or cold, the kind that hits you like an oncoming train. I did not take any vitamins. The only thing I did on the physical realm to negate the cold was ate a pomegranate with the seeds (in a ritualistic manner) and drank a cup of green tea. That’s it. Otherwise my diet and exercise routines are far below average! And yet a flu that threatened to leave me bed-ridden for a week or two at least did not even get a chance to take hold in my body. Within 1-2 days even the warning signs were gone! In science, this is called the placebo effect. In the realm of the occult and esoteric, this is called magic. If you doubt the effect of positive thinking and placebo effects on sicknesses, please do some research. In fact, I remember reading a story about a small child with cancer in my 9th grade health textbook, and he was supposedly going to die. But for some reason he made a full recovery and the doctors were baffled and asked him if he took any other medicine, and he replied, no. Instead he had used his imagination to envision an army of fighter planes swooping down into his body and nuking his cancer cells. Now isn’t that something! Use the same power to increase your RAL to help you astral travel!

So let’s get down to it. How do we proceed with a ritual once we have a goal in mind?

Rituals do not mean you go out and sacrifice a goat. A ritual is a magic spell you cast with great energy, emotion, and imagination. It is used to focus your spiritual power to cause an effect that may otherwise not naturally occur. You may use any positive wording you like, as long as it is in the present tense, all the while seeing yourself mentally having already accomplished that which you are summoning forth with the spell. While you can use any positive wording you like, it is highly recommended not to use the level of emotion you usually use in daily life. Use over-the-top descriptions, be downright arrogant and dramatic, do not be shy with the wording. If you are reading this, you are probably not a master mage, so you will need to put extra effort and oomph into this if you really want to travel in the astral plane!

I will give you an example ritual to increase your RAL:

Optimal time to do the ritual: right before you sleep.

Stand in front of your bed and close your eyes and chant the following in a confident voice, imitating the demeanor of any mage or wizard you see in fantasy shows (fantasy often has a basis in reality) and don’t forget to imagine the power of dramatic light, electricity, fire, tornados, and earthquakes flowing into you:

Fire above Earth
Earth below Fire
I declare my eternal Will shine forth
I am aware at all times in all dimensions
I know and remember at all times that I am an immortal spirit
I stare defiantly with valor at the abyss from above
I am the master of my body
I am the master of my soul
I am the master of my mind
I am free of the polarity of both good and evil
Out of the chaos of my thoughts, order forms and strengthens me
Always reminding me that I AM
Only I influence me
Only I choose the direction of my life
Only I have power over myself
This I declare in the name of my higher self
This I seal, with fire, in fire, into the Earth
Fire above Earth
Earth below Fire

Notes regarding the symbolism used in the example ritual

  • Fire means spirit.
  • Earth means the physical realm.
  • Fire above Earth, Earth below Fire is pretty much an old-fashioned way of saying mind over body, thus strengthening your will.
  • Abyss: this can be anything that normally frightens you.
  • Good and evil are both prisons, freedom from both guarantees optimum growth and spiritual evolution.
  • Chaos and Order here do not stand for good and evil. They are literally disorder and order. I don’t have to explain why your body will function better if all its functions are orderly, right? 😉
  • Higher self – the divine part of every living creature that is connected with the creator and the cosmos.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our latest article where we call upon the occult to help us increase our RAL. Stay tuned, because our next article will call upon a more scientific method to help us along! That’s right, we’re jumping from the occult to the scientific and soon even to the mystic. Whatever works, we will use!


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