The Ultimate (AP) Astral Projection Technique – Part IV: Intentional Habit Disrupter (IHD)

Have you ever sat down to read something and somebody just sits next to you and starts chatting up a storm? Well prepare yourself, for you are now about to unleash this terror upon yourself. For the sake of astral projection, of course. Let’s explain our acronym before we get started on how to support ourselves when we project our astral body. Intentional Habit Disrupter (IHD) is a premeditated attempt at disrupting a fluid routine.

The purpose of this is to strengthen your will power and raise your RAL (Resting Awareness Level). Why does this raise your RAL? That’s because when you do things automatically, your unconscious mind is doing them for you. When you do them with awareness, your conscious mind is involved. This is exactly the state you want while you’re out of body! How do we accomplish this?

Say you’re brushing your teeth mechanically and automatically without thinking about it and you remember that you want to use an IHD. How? Do a couple of squats on the spot. Just 2-4. This is not for the sake of exercise, but for the disruption of your routine. The routines and habits are handled by the unconscious mind; you are effectively asserting the dominance of your conscious mind. This doesn’t have to be a squat. You can also take out the toothbrush and stare at it for 1 minute, and then keep brushing your teeth like nothing happened. In fact, you can even combine this little project with the ritual from part 3 (which is why I posted this one after ritual).

Say you’re eating a bowl of pomegranate seeds (yeah, I prepare them beforehand and just eat them with a spoon). Fill up a spoon and halfway to your mouth stop your hand and perform a mental ritual. Give yourself some positive assertions. Make it unique and creative. Then eat the food slowly and meticulously making a whole drawn out affair out of it. Please note, this has to be completely on a whim, no pattern should last more than 3 cycles, as you do not want to get used to it, otherwise your unconscious mind takes over, which you do not want happening when you are astral projecting.

Maybe you’re walking along a street you’ve walked past a thousand times before, and you see a shop that you’ve never entered because you never saw a need to. Just walk in. See what they do what they sell. Ask the employee that’s available what special services they offer and engage them in conversation, or ask them how long they’ve been in business. You’ll probably learn about something you didn’t know before and might even make a new friend or business partner. How is that for an experience. In order to hold on to your awareness during an astral projection, you will need to be able to act on your thoughts.

Please note, that this only works if you are usually withdrawn and don’t start up conversations. If you are the chatty type and walk by a new shop and are tempted to go inside and chat with him, you have to do the opposite: this time DON’T! (You can do it again later; we’re just disrupting the habit right now). Stare at the shop for 30 seconds and just say: “I don’t feel like it right now.” And walk away. Remember, this is all about asserting the power of your will so that when you project out of your physical body, you will be in control.

Maybe you usually open doors with your right hand. This time, allow your right hand to almost reach the door, but pull back and then open it with your left hand. (Vice-versa if you’re left-handed). The same thing applies to any mundane activity. This is another way how to really become aware of what you are doing. You like walking fast? Walk slow today. You like eating fruits? Eat vegetables today. You like your watch? Leave it at home today. You like hot showers? Shock yourself with a 30 second cold rinse after your shower. You like playing with your phone? Put it down in the middle of a game and stare at the wall for 30 seconds for no reason at all. You feel like getting a cola? Pour yourself a glass of water instead.

These little nothings will add up over time giving you a much needed boost when you do project out of your body. Do you usually slouch when you sit down? Sit up straight for a couple of seconds, at least. If you usually sit up straight (haha, sure, I believe you) then slouch for a couple of seconds (but sit back up, we’re not making new habits here). Astral Projection is a high level skill, and we need to build ourselves up to it. Don’t expect a silver bullet: work hard at building up the skill of awareness.

Stay tuned, we’re going to go mystic in our next article as we talk about how Mantras can help us raise our awareness.


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