Astral Projection Sounds Technique

Getting under astral projection is the most powerful out of body experience a person can have. This is very exciting journey. Which in the past was meant only for the chosen ones. The journey had begun five thousand years ago in Egypt. Since that time the the idea and the teaching about astral have spread around the globe. Nowadays there are temples in China and India where the monks explore the endless boundaries of the astral projection.

Astral projection is achieved only through applying different techniques. Every person practicing astral has to look for developing their own techniques. We are all different and we need unique approach to switch ourselves between this world and the outer world. There are few techniques which could be used by anyone and work pretty well. One of this techniques is the so called technique of “Astral Projection Sounds”.

The technique involves listening to binaural sounds to go deeper in the meditation or hypnosis. People who use the meditation method to go under astral listen to a CD with binaural sounds. These sounds produced new sounds inside the brain. That’s why many people call them the Astral Projection Sounds. Once the brain picks the sound waves up it starts making its own frequencies. The newly produced frequencies make the brain “dance”. It makes you forget about any distraction that might come from the surroundings.

As others use the binaural sounds to get people under the hypnosis of astral. When a person is under hypnosis the most important thing is to keep the brain busy as having a good time. The waves from the beats are also very safe as preventing the brain lose perception of reality and fiction. People who are under hypnosis usually do not remember where they had gone to but after coming to consciousness they realize what happened.

Nevertheless scientists have found frequencies of the astral projection sounds in the universe. Which has to give us a clue how powerful are these sound waves. All of the things around us are either producing energy or using a source of energy. Astral is teaching us how to make use of the energy produced from the body. Mastering the astral skills is not an easy task. It really takes a lot of hard work, dedication and self believe.

If you really want  to learn more about astral you better prepare yourself forget about anything material. Money, cars, boats and houses do not exist under astral projection. Seeing the world we live in from totally above is a breath taking experience. Nature is what astral teaches us to love, cherish and care about. As life is nature, we are nature and nature is everywhere that life can be found. Every living creature has its mission according to astral. In this life we are the hunters but who knows someday we could be the hunted. Choose your actions in life wisely.

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