Essential Guide To Astral Projection Frequencies

While astral travel was once reserved for the upper echelon in Egyptian societies from antiquity, today astral projection frequencies are scientifically understood at levels that make the experience accessible to all people.  Throughout history, it’s now clear that the boundary between powerful participants and those who didn’t know what they were missing was more an informational border than anything.  Education in astral travel literally opens the door to anyone.  Researchers today are convinced that we are all wired to have out of body experiences.  As with the ability to learn foreign languages or simply have fun in the smallest of events, that ability fades over time if not nourished.

By understanding astral projection frequencies, leaving the body and projecting into new dimensions is even easier.  Brainwave studies have now confirmed that the astral planes are reached after progressing through a sequence of multiple frequencies.  The state of heightened awareness and increased perception is Gamma, which has a range of 38-90 Hz.  At 12-38 Hz is the brain’s problem-solving state.  Alpha picks up from there at 8-12 Hz, and there are slowed brainwaves and a greater state of relaxation.  Theta is deeper relaxation, even a place of meditation.  At this 4-8 Hz level is where the astral travel can happen.  Now, just past that is the .5-4 Hz Delta phase, where there is very slow brain activity and a state of deep sleep.  Beneath the .5 Hz and also above 100Hz is the Lambda/Epsilon land of multifaceted awareness and mystical consciousness.

Most interesting in this study of astral projection frequencies is that the astral travel can be accomplished by blending a number of these brainwave frequencies.  For instance, audio recordings containing beats and pulses create a rhythm that allows people to readily attain the brain frequencies.  For some, this happens in about 15-20 minutes, if not sooner.  Notably, there are given recordings that do a better job helping the brain switch gears and attain astral travel.

Binaural beats are popular in the astral projection frequencies world.  With these, there are two distinct frequencies that are presented to the ears independently.  The brain then creates a third tone that is between the two.  This results in it tuning into a frequency that we would not normally perceive.  Research on binaural beats suggest a mix of alpha and theta waves are particularly good and encouraging the shift of consciousness.

On the other hand, monaural beats are two tones with equal intensity.  The recording has them pulsing with given patterns that creates a clear, crisp sound.  The brain, in turn, discovers it is easier to adjust to the rhythm of these monaural beats because it is not balancing between the two.  Perhaps the most effective variety of brainwave “music,” is the isochronic tones.  With these, there are tones of equal intensity presented at a faster pulse speed, so the brain synchronizes with that rhythm.  A study of college students discovered that listening to these tones could increase grade point average.

A basic online search shows plenty of recordings available for purchase to help one reach the astral plane.  As with anything, some claims are surely false.  However, this does not discredit the technology.  Researching the topic and finding a good authoritative digest is the best way to get your bearings before making any purchase.

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