Out Of Body Experience, How To Get There

If you’re like many people you’ve had an out of body experience.  How to do this deliberately at will may be a different issue altogether, however.  But if you’ve felt as though you were floating around apart from your physical body, then you’ve likely had the sense that you can watch yourself from a distance.  The numbers are crude, but at least 20% of all people are reported to have had this.

Once you’ve had the first out of body experience, how to take control over the phenomenon is the next step.  See, one of the issues is that a lot of people note that they aren’t fully aware of the sense that they are even apart from their physical body.  You may be sleeping or near falling asleep when it occurs.  Plus, the sensation generally doesn’t last that long.  To further complicate matters, if you do recognize the sensation of being apart from your body, it’s not long before you are being drawn back into “yourself.”

It’s worth noting that, for some people considering the out of body experience, how to do it is not nearly important as why.  The “why” can be so motivating that the “how” becomes easy.  A number of people report that they are feeling ill or even tired from work, if not experiencing considerable stress when they have this type of experience.  Because you can have a spiritual high or have intense feelings of love, joy, or peace, this can be quite the medicine for the inferior condition at the time of entering the experience.

To be fair, it’s worth pointing out that others either have no real memorable positive experience or else sometimes return with a sense of fear or panic.  However, it’s important to point out that people arrive at the state in different ways too, and this cannot be ingnored.  Some will enter through meditation and trance, others through a hypnopompic dream, some through close calls with death, and still others through the use of psychoactive drugs.

As you know, this relatively short article cannot be the end all, be all out of body experience “how to” guide, but I do want to share some key points with you that will help.  For one, you want to get very comfortable; otherwise, it can be tough tot get to the relaxed state that can bring about the vibrations that typify such an experience.  It’s usually best to lie down, and loosen or remove clothing, jewelry or other things that hold your attention and distract you.  Be sure the temperature in the room is ideal.  Also, breath through your mouth since that is less strained.

Concentration is the next big key.  Ideally, you’re striving for the hypnagogic state, just before sleep.  As you progress into this phase, you’ll lose your senses, literally.  You focus on “reaching” for the vibrations that you’ll sense in your head, and your body will join in the vibration.  When you are about to leave your physical body, you can “lift out” by pondering an anti-gravity weightlessness as you “float” upward.  You can often aide this step by rolling on the bed like you are getting out of it.  If you rotate to face the ceiling, this can help.

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