First Personal Examination Stress

Throughout this course you will be asked to perform personal examinations to check your progress and to reveal areas in which you may need to focus. There are no right or wrong answers to these self-tests, they are designed to help you become aware of your abilities and needs.

This first examination has three parts. In the first part, we will evaluate your stress levels. The ability to relax and focus is essential to the practice of Astral Projection. Many people are unaware of the stress their bodies are constantly experiencing because they have become used to living within that physical state.

The second examination will reveal whether or not you have already experienced Astral Projection. Many people have experienced it but may not recognize the signs of having traveled. Some people may believe they have had an OBE experience but have actually engaged in lucid dreaming instead. And for some, all of this will be entirely new. Learning to identify some of the common characteristics of an OBE experience will help you gauge and track your progress.

The third and last part of the examination looks at your purpose and motivations in life. This is a process that will be repeated throughout This tutorial as your understanding of your life and drives will become clearer the further along you go.

Part 1: Stress.

Please check the symptoms that you experience indicating how often in a week they occur and the severity of the symptom (on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being unbearable). For example, if you experience insomnia 4 times a week and it is a 6 on the scale because not only do you have difficulty falling asleep but cannot stay asleep you would write – 4/6.

Tightness in stomach
Buzzing of ringing in your ears
Fearful feelings
Faintness of dizziness
Inferior feelings
Voice quavering or shaking
Worrying about things
Dry mouth
Loss of interest
Tightness in jaw
Sore muscles
Weakness in parts of the body
Chest pains
Trouble concentrating
Twitches, tic’s, spasms
Grinding of teeth
Lower back pain
Heavy feeling in arms of legs
Loss of sexual interest / desire
Sweaty palms
Tense and anxious feeling
Bad dreams
Your mind going blank
Difficulty making decisions
Trouble remembering things
“Cold” sores
Obsessive thoughts
Poor appetite
Loss of sexual functioning
Excessive urination
Hot flashes
Cold hands or feet
Heart racing

Circle any symptom that you indicated occurs more than two times a week and rates higher than a four on the severity scale. These are your major symptoms of being stressed. Watch for these symptoms and use the relaxation exercise taught later in this module to learn how to “de-stress” your body. With enough practice, this act of de-stressing will become automatic and intuitive.

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