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Reading different astral projection stories can be fascinating.  For folks looking to take their first trip, understanding some of what people experience can be one of the most important things they want to know.  At the end of the day, people have their own unique experiences, which is to be expected.  However, when you throw all astral projection stories in the hopper, you begin to see that there are come commonalities.  I’ve noticed there are five main trends.

A popular thread in many astral projection stories is that the person can see themselves from varied points of view.  Some may describe it as though they are levitating above their body.  Others see it as though they are in the shoes of someone else.  Interestingly, a piano player described himself as looking down and realizing that the music he was enjoying was his own performance at a church concert.  He explains how he looked on with amazement, uncertain as to what his body might do next.  Another person explains how, at age 32, he finally realized that he had had an astral projection back at age 6 when he underwent a leg surgery.  He now understood how it was that he realized he was “awake” during the surgery watching the doctors conduct the operation.

Perhaps the most common report of all is when people provide accounts that they have been flying.  It’s accompanied by a sense of weightlessness.  With this “anti-gravity” feeling, they perceive they are flying or levitating above their physical body.  As a typical example, one man explains how he felt “light,” almost like a vapor, and he discovered he was floating around watching himself sleep deeply below.

A really interesting phenomenon is when people connect with friends or relatives who have been dead a long time.  It’s not uncommon, of course, for people to want to once again spend time with loved ones.  Not surprisingly, this often prompts them to want to succeed at astral travel.  What’s important to keep in mind, of course, is that it would be your astral “body” re-connecting with that person, and it is, therefore, their astral self as well.  Some folks handle that realization differently, but it’s just important to bear in mind that this new dimension affects all aspects of the experience.

An experience many people enjoy is discovering that they can do things that they ordinarily could not.  For instance, it’s not uncommon for people to talk about how they could walk through doors without even opening them.  Further, they can just walk through walls.  Another facet to the physical capability dimension is that once sick people are well.  Thus, blind folks discover they can see.  The lame can walk.

Finally, a remaining commonality in astral projection stories is that people are often found visiting places they’ve never even seen.  By this I do not necessarily mean known places you may have never visited, such as Bulgaria of all places.  This could be the case, but it could also be some place that you’re completely unfamiliar with.  Sometimes the person goes to some place and has a case of déjà vu, whereupon they sense that they’ve been there before.  It’s not that they traveled there in the natural, but rather that they’ve gone there in prior astral travel, whether or not they realize they’ve once had an astral projection.

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