5 things that will help you achieve Astral Projection

if you are interested to find out how an out of body experience can be achieved, (also known as Astral Projection), you will be delighted to know that it is not difficult to do.

It may seem difficult or impossible to do it at first. But in actual fact , no special skills are required. The best part is , anyone can do it, including YOU.

Here are some tips if you want to do your own Astral Projection:

1. Set up the environment

Concentration is the key. You want to remove anything that can cause you distractions. Switch off your television, radio, mobile phones. Anything that you can think of to avoid distractions.

2. Timing

Our mind is fresh in the morning and it is the best time for Astral Projection. Make sure you are fully relaxed the previous night. Put aside all your worries and problems. You want to have a clear and ready mind and prepare yourself for a successful Astral Projection.

3. Meditation

As you know, our mind is thinking all the time. You just cannot control your mind not to think of anything at any given time. That is why we need to meditate. When we meditate, we are actually trying to put all our memories, problems, emotions and everything aside. In other words, we are trying to ‘empty’ our mind so that we are completely relaxed in order to enter the stage of hypnosis.

One way to achieve this is to think of 2 words – ‘Phoot Tou’. When we breathe in, we say the word ‘Phoot’ in our mind and when we breathe out, we say the word ‘Tou’ in our mind. Do this repeatedly and you will be able to reach the stage known as hypnagogic and this is the stage where you are asleep but your mind is fully awake. Your senses will begin to numb during this stage.

4. Body Mind Separation

Once your mind feels more energetic than your physical self, you have achieved the process of Body Mind Separation whereby your mind is separated from your body. This is also known as OBE – Out of Body Experience. Just think of where you want to go and you will be right there within seconds. You are not restricted by time and distance.

Do not be afraid of this new experience, otherwise Astral Projection will not occur, Simply let this process flow naturally, you will find that this is a very exciting experience. You may be even addicted to do this over and over again as it is really fun.

5. Be Open

Don’t be afraid and don’t let your fears control you otherwise you will not be able to experience this Astral Projection effect. Relax and let your body enjoy the sensational effects you deserve. Some said that during Astral Projection, you remained connected through a silver cord while others have other sayings about this. Whatever it is, there is no need to worry that you will not return to your body. It is 100% safe and you will automatically return to your body in a natural way. Just enjoy yourself and explore the surround realms during the Astral Projection.

Astral Projection is for anyone. It does not require any special skills at all. However, not many people are successful with it. It takes time to practice. Once you managed to reach this stage, you will come to a whole new level of experience which you will never regret.

Note: This article within the Knowledge Vault (KV) category was published on a website that’s not online anymore. The post that the author originally wrote is entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of Astral Projection Club. The republishing of this article is merely to prevent its loss and preserve the knowledge.

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