3 “How To” steps for achieving an out-of-body experience

An Out-of-Body experience or OBE is a sensation of floating outside your body and able to watch yourself from a place outside your body.

Most people who have experienced OBE often could not recall that moment when they were outside their physical bodies. Very often, OBE occurs when we are asleep or when we are on the verge of sleep. That moment of floating outside our physical bodies is usually less than a minute. Unfortunately when the person realizes that he is outside his body, an unknown force quickly pulls him back to his body.

It has been reported that in many circumstances, an out-of-body experience happened to people who are not feeling well, extremely tired due to over work, suffer from emotional problems or broken hearted. It is also known that those who have gone through near-death, mystical trance, hypnopompic dream or under the influence of psychoactive drugs can also have out of body experience.

Every out-of-body experience is different and varies from individual to individual. Some may have a feeling of peace and love, some may experience a spiritual epiphany, some may feel anxious and frightful while some may have no spiritual discoveries.

I have some how-to tips for you if you are interested in finding out how to achieve and out-of-body experience:

1. Make yourself comfortable
Before an out-of-body experience starts, you have to make sure that you are fully relaxed. Lie down and make yourself comfortable. If you are wearing any accessories, watch or jewelry , remove them. If your shirt is tight, loosen it. The key is to make yourself comfortable. Ensure that your room temperature is neither too cold nor too warm.

2. Focus and Concentrate
Now focus and concentrate to reach the hypnagogic state. Next go deeper into it until you reach a point whereby you lose all awareness, including yourself and your senses.

Concentrate on any spot above your forehead. You should slowly feel some vibrations on that spot. Now mentally pull these vibrations into your head. Your body will start to vibrate once you achieved this. The objective is to control these vibrations into pulses. When you are a beginner, it may be difficult at first but practice make perfect.

Try to reach out for any object that is out of your reach. Go ahead and feel the object,you’re your hand to pass through that object and at the same time stop the vibrations and then bring the object back to you.

3. Leave your physical body
To leave your body, imagine yourself in an environment that is weightless. Make yourself float upwards. Some achieve this by rolling over the bed like they are getting off it. Some twist their body until they face up and float to the ceiling. There are many other techniques. Practice constantly and you will be able to achieve it easily.

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