Astral Projection: Interdimensional Guide to Out of Body Experiences (Astral Travel, Past Lives, Sleep Paralysis, and More) (Volume 1)

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Astral Projection Interdimensional Guide to Out of Body ExperiencesAstral Projection: Interdimensional Guide to Out of Body Experiences

Learn the bizarre secrets to Astral Projection and Out of Body Experiences!

Astral Projection: The Interdimensional Guide for Out of Body Experiences is your must-have handbook containing everything you need to know about astral projection. It is the newest title from Daniel Kai, who has written the book from his own personal experiences.

Divided into eleven chapters, this book tackles the bizarre and misunderstood topic of out of body experiences with both confidence and humour. Decades of research, trial and error have taught the author everything that he knows about the topic today.

Look no further for a brief history of astral travel, a run-down of Kai’s own past, and a step-by-step guide describing how to induce both sleep paralysis and out of body experiences. There is a huge variety of tips, suggestions and advice for beginners and experts alike.

Anyone can have a go at astral travel and learn to open up entire new worlds to explore, so whether you’re just starting out on this adventure or if you’re looking to hone your techniques, then this is the book for you.


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In Astral Projection: Interdimensional Guide to Out of Body Experiences book you will learn:

  • Three rapid ways to induce an astral projection
  • The role of sleep paralysis in out of body experiences
  • How to get past the initial fear and shock of being separated from your body
  • The important differences between lucid dreaming and real astral projections
  • Strange encounters on the astral planes/liliHow to travel anywhere, anytime during your astral voyages
  • The role of guides and other interdimensional
  • Much, much more!

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