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If you are in the search of Astral Projection books you probably have went trough tens of books on the subject. Reading books on astral will definitely help you master your techniques in performing astral. Of course, just by reading a book without practicing won’t help you experience astral projection travel but any book or ebook can be a great source of motivation and inspiration.

When you jump deeper in researching the books you will find out that there are two types of astral projection books. One type of them are books describing peoples experiences with astral projection travel along with their techniques. The other type of books are mainly focused on astral case studies. Either type of books is informative and serves educative purpose as for beginners and advanced astral followers.

Astral projection has nothing to do with occultism or any of that. Astral is the search of your own Nirvana. The place where peace and happiness is all that “bothers” your mind. Astral projection is performed only trough deep meditation and/or hypnosis. If you have never experienced astral you can be easily taken into it by most masters of astral projection.

Learning about astral projection will probably be the greatest journey in your life. Astral is the idea, the teaches about life and its purpose. Finding our place in the universe is not an easy goal to pursue but it should be our main purpose in life. Books have always been the greatest source of information since ancient times. They are the gatekeepers of humans’ history and transfer this information to our children and grandchildren.

Make no mistake astral projection takes a lot of dedication and time just to get started with. But be sure it pays back all the efforts and time you have invested. You will be taken places which you have never thought exist. Meeting past, present and future happens during astral projection meditation. Exploring the mind blowing power of your soul will take your life to the next level. Borders of any type and structure are only meant for the physical body. If you ever looked for an ocean of information – you already found it with astral projection.

Top Astral Projection Books

We put together a list of the top rated Astral Projection books that will help you learn and master Astral Projection.

Best Sellers – Astral Projection Books

The Art and Practice of Astral Projection

Ophiel with his book mentions the different types of “projection” combined to the different levels of energy and our perception of other realities.

Journeys Out of the Body

Robert Monroe with his book is going to change your mind about everything you though you knew about the  mystical experiences like Astral Projection.

Practical Astral Projection

Yram with his book makes use of his Astral Projection ability in order to reach higher states of consiousness on the astral plane.

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