Was that a Lucid Dream that I had?

Here is an interesting question, that has been asked many times.

How can I know for sure if my dreams are lucid or normal?

Let’s start by saying that lucidity has many different levels and that can be “translated” into different kind of dreams that someone can have.

Keep in mind that achieving 100% lucidity is rare and actually is beyond believe.

Let’s see now how dreams are connected with lucidity.

  • You had a dream but when you wake up you don’t remember anything – that’s 5% lucidity.
  • You had a dream and you actually remember it clearly when you wake up – that’s 10 to 20% lucidity.
  • You had a dream, you remember it and you actually were able to act during whatever was happening in your dream – that’s 21 to 50% lucidity
  • You had a dream, you remember it and you figured out that you were actually dreaming and took over control almost of every single event that was happening in your dream having supernatural powers in the dream – that’s 51 to 70% lucidity.
  • You had a dream, you remember it and had almost complete control over the entire time during the dream while you were able to maintain fully your physical identity along with your goals while dreaming – that’s 71 – 90% lucidity.
  • You had a dream in which you turn to be a god and nothing can hold you back. In it you have to power to create new worlds or even universes and are able to interact with them easily – that’s 91 – 100% lucidity.

Hopefully this short guide will help you figure the lucidity level that you were into your dream.

Bonus round tip: nightmares are not very high on that lucidity scale.


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