How To Fly In Dreams

Before trying any tips or tricks on how to fly in dreams, you need to understand that flying dreams can come naturally and can also be induced with the help of lucid dreaming.

People generally aspire to experience flying dreams as soon as they get the hang of conscious dreaming because it involves low level lucidity.

When planning to induce such a dream, first figure out why you want to fly in dreams in order to establish your intent firmly. Having established this desire, proceed by motivating yourself and making your mind believe that you can fly in dreams.

How to fly in dreams

  • Before falling asleep, confidently suggest to yourself that you are going to fly tonight. Choose a comfortable sleeping place, stay calm, relax and visualize yourself floating and flying effortlessly in air.
    Fill yourself with the joy and sensation of flying freely. Awareness of the fact that you cannot fly in real life is the only thing that can hold you back from experiencing dreams of flying.
  • Begin by running, hopping, floating and hovering in the sky (in your imagination, of course). Just stretch your arms out and throw yourself into the air.You could also use wings, a flying skateboard or swiftly step up invisible stairs to induce the feeling of flying. Dreaming of jumping off heights, however, is not a good idea if you are prone to sleepwalking.
  • Use Dream Incorporation by using some external stimuli as a technique to help yourself fly in a dream. It may not be possible to physically lift your bed to generate the feeling of weightlessness when you are busy dreaming, but you may get help from posters showing airplanes, hang-gliders, rockets and other similar objects, preferably with images of beautiful landscapes below.
  • If you have ever had a flying dream previously, recall that dream to create the sensation of flying in air.
  • You might not be able to soar to great heights initially, but you can gradually increase the height as you gain confidence through practice.

Basically, flying dreams indicate freedom, accomplishment and strong will. They reflect the fact that you are ready to achieve new goals. Plus, they are likely to help you overcome the fear of letting go.

If there are obstacles like trees, mountains, power lines, etc., it means there are barriers in your waking life. Fear while flying represents a fear of challenge. Dreaming of falling, on the other hand signifies fear of losing security.

Coming back to your query of how to fly in dreams, the key to making it possible is to positively believe that you can fly and eliminate the fear of falling.

After all, you are not feeding wrong inputs in your mind when you know that gravity does not exist in the seamless world of dreams. So, go on and practice lucid dreaming.

Although you might find it difficult in the beginning, once you become adept at floating or flying in your nocturnal journeys, you will realize that it is the most natural and liberating experience.

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