How to Define Your Path

It has been clinically proven that the people who are most successful at following through on resolutions, change and/or creating new habits are those who write down the goals that they wish to achieve. One of the problems that people encounter when trying to write down their goals is that the language they use is too vague to accurately describe the goal. Instead of saying, “I want to gain wisdom from the Universe to improve my life,” dare to be specific. Try writing something down like, “In six months, I want to be able to travel once a week and remember the details of the experience so I may write them down in my journal and study them later to gain a better understanding of the wisdom of the universe.

The more specific you can be about why you are pursuing the techniques of Astral Projection, the better able you will be able to see the path you are on. The path you are on is a definition of your purpose in life, it is a statement of where you want to go. In the example above, the person’s path is one of understanding wisdom. Yours may be about witnessing the past.

If the idea of being able to define your purpose in life seems like an impossibility to you, here is a simple exercise that will do it for you in about an hour.

Take a sheet of paper (or open up a new document in a word processor) and label the top, “What is my purpose?” Start listing your answers below, one answer for each line. Keep going and listing more and more answers until you write one that causes you to cry or feel like crying.

That is your path, Your overall goal and purpose in life

Knowing your purpose is essential in being able to learn how to interpret what you will witness on the Astral Plane because you will not be seeing things through a veil of mystery but with a clarity that comes from understanding that you have a place in all of time. Knowing your purpose will also help guide you on your path through the Astral Plane and make your experiences more focused and useful.

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