“How To” Astral Projection Fast Facts

If you’re like many people, a “how to” astral projection guide is just what you’re looking for.  Well, if you’re read or heard stories from someone who’s accomplished astral travel, that earnest desire is well understandable.  The good news is that astral projection is not limited to certain people with some special skills.

Having said that, rather than jumping straight to the “how to,” astral projection might be made even easier if you figure out why you want to do it.  Consider the motivation, and that may help you persevere if you first have some difficulty.  In other words, don’t jump page 7 and focus on how to; astral projection can be easier if the “why” is well established.  Then the “how to” will be less of an issue anyway.

Researchers and experts suggest that the body, especially the mind, is better suited for astral projection in the morning rather than later in the day.  Many people have a clear head, are amply relaxed already, and are not prone to fall straight into sleep like they would be after a long day.  The number one “how to” astral projection tip, however, is to get rid of distractions such as cell phones.  You can be perfectly ready, but an incoming call can ruin it all.

Meditation is often a key to success.  Even if already plenty relaxed, meditation can further clear your mind.  Meditation is typically made easier by focusing either on a point in your forehead, or else at the back of your head.  You’ll begin at the gamma stage of relaxation, with optimal levels of awareness.  You’re destination is to next get to the theta stage, where you are deep in meditation.  However, you have to first get through the beta and alpha stages.  This is tricky, as beta is all about problem solving and alpha is all about creativity.  When you arrive at the hypnagogoic state, your body is asleep, but your mind is awake.  Here is where you can have sleep paralysis or dulled senses.

Next, you’re looking for exit, or lift off.  This is where your mind will leave your physical body.  Often, this happens accompanying a strong sense of energy, moreso than physical awareness.  You can think of where you’d like to be, and your mind can take you there.  You are not limited by space, time or distance.  It’s key to not panic in the experience.  If you do, then you can eclipse the astral projections and cut it short.

It can be a curious new experience.  People report having outstanding senses of satisfaction and pleasure through a full-fledged astral projection encounter.  But you will be unlikely to fully participate and enjoy if you are inhibited.  Some people report being connected to the body still through a silver cord.  If you realize this perception, that is something that you can focus on and alleviate the fear of becoming irreparably separated.  There’s actually no real concern about not being reunited with your body, but this realization can help.  In any event, most will never fully experience astral projection because they do not relax and let the experience lead where it wants to take them.

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