How does it Feel to be Lucid?

How will you know when you are truly Lucid? What does the sensation feel like?

There are varying states of Awareness you can achieve whilst Lucid Dreaming and as a rule of thumb, control increases with Awareness. Remember this diagram?

It’s a lot like a Eureka moment to some people whilst others may only be dimly aware of the fact they are dreaming.

You might find that if your Awareness is sufficient, everything will become vivid, bright and crisp. People have reported black and white dreams turning to vivid color. With sufficient Awareness you may find your Lucid Dream to be as convincing as reality, which is an exciting prospect.

Unfortunately, it’s very easy to lose this Lucid moment. You have to grab it with purpose. Remember: you have a Mission! To Astral Project!

Start by immediately taking control. Look around. Move somewhere else purposefully. Think about your surroundings rather than just letting them wash over you. If you see something irrational, continue to take active note of this and think thoughts such as “it’s amazing what my mind is creating right now in front of me”. You really just need to hold onto your Awareness as tightly as you can.

The other danger is that you may wake up if you panic or get too excited. This happens easily and distorted, nightmarish images are common in Lucid Dreams. It’s like your dream is turning on you! The fact that you can scare yourself into waking up is a problem in the Astral Plane, too. You need to remember that nothing in a dream or indeed the Astral Plane can harm or kill you.

Don’t squander your Lucid time, try and move on to the next step as soon as you can. The next step is of course converting your Lucid Dream into an Astral Projection and make no mistake, they are different experiences. You will soon be able to verify this for yourself .

How to Hold on to Lucidity

It is all too easy to go off track and lose Lucidity.

Here are some simple tips that will help you hold on to your Lucid state. These may be effective in the Astral Plane for some people, too, as they ultimately maintain all important Awareness.

  • Make yourself fall backwards.
  • Spin around on an impossible axis: e.g. whilst lying down, spin round as if you were the hands of a clock, viewed from above – Slowly!
  • Rub your hands together and feel the sensations!
  • Keep a tight mental focus on your Mission Objective.
  • Don’t get too distracted by anything around you.
Note: This article within the Knowledge Vault (KV) category was published on a website that’s not online anymore. The post that the author originaly wrote is entirely his or her own and may not always reflect the views of Astral Projection Club. The republishing of this article is merely to prevent its loss and preserve the knowledge.

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  1. Tasnia

    to try yet another test. I might still be dminreag after all and lo! I was right Well, you can imagine the rest, it was awesome! I flew around in a beautiful garden for a while and then met a few very odd people . I was anxious to observe every detail as closely as possible so I would recall it minutely after waking up. Unfortunately, I haven’t learned how to control other people, yet, only myself. Never mind, it was still wonderful


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