Core Truths About Astral Projection Vibrations

Astral projection vibrations are the first indication that you’re getting near.  You may feel a tingling or might even perceive a “buzz” as you sense that you are about to leave your body.  A pioneer of the out of body experience is Robert Monroe.  He describes these vibrations as the “Vibration State.”  For a lot of people who encounter an out of body experience, the astral projection vibrations are experienced as a wave of energy that goes through the body and across the head.  The sensation tends to repeat and then finally there is the perception of weightlessness.  This is the onset of the actual astral projection.

One of the most important things you can learn about astral projection vibrations is simply how to control them.  Robert Monroe advises the “partial separation” technique, whereby you remain focused with your mind on leaving the physical body.  A tip is to stretch out your hand or some part of your body in the direction of an object that you cannot actually reach.  You then “push through” the object with your hand or foot.  After “pushing through,” you can then return the limb back to the normal position.  Practice is essential to keeping the vibrations under control.

However, it’s important to back up and first discuss reaching the vibration state.  For some people actually reaching astral projection vibrations is alone a challenge.  Concentration is a must.  You have to not only concentrate, but also rid yourself of distractions.  Many people have quite the internal dialogue going on in their heads (they “talk” to themselves).  If you control your mind and eliminate the straying thoughts, you can facilitate the vibrations.  Talking to yourself is the one true way to nearly always prevent the vibrations from occurring.

Another useful tip is to put on some good music.  By “good,” I do not mean any given genre over another.  Rather, since you are trying to help your mind reach the vibrations, you want to use music that has a binaural beat.  Special brainwave recordings are available that help you achieve the frequencies that aide the brain in reaching the given level of consciousness.  You’ll just want to make sure the music is not overpowering.  You want it to have the desired effect without distracting you from the intended goal.

Of course, it goes without saying that you need to make sure you are not timid about the experience.  If you are afraid of what might happen, you will likely do an excellent job making sure it never does.  If you relax, confident that nothing will go wrong, then you will let things play out naturally.  Your physical body is at rest, so there is no harm to be concerned about anyway.  Your mind is free to venture off and then return once the voyage is over.

One of the best things you can do is simply take the time to read up on the phenomenon.  As you pick up a good resource to learn all the ins and outs, this will help give you confidence and eliminate some of the concerns.  It will also give you the patience you may need in terms of awaiting the vibrations or else controlling them once they occur.

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