3 easy steps to Astral Projection

Astral Projection is a state of meditation with hypnosis where the person is achieving the state of nirvana. This is not and easy task to perform as you can imagine. Performing the Astral Projection Steps are what some people would describe as identical as death experience. The state of transferring your body energy to your mind is very emotional procedure. In order the whole experience to be performed correctly you should follow the astral projection steps.

First, and foremost is the breathing. It should be performed with the chest and when you bread your chest should be significantly rising and then falling deeply. This helps you to focus on the inhalation until you become very relaxed. You have to be thinking only for your breathing while inhaling the air in your lungs. Some people use binaural beats, which helps them speed up the process of bringing their mind in the needed state. Once you have the feeling that you control your breathing you shall proceed to the next step.

Which is to make a “hologram” of your head inside your mind. It’s like trying to see every little detail of your face in the mirror but this time using your mind. One of the most powerful ways to build the hologram of your head is by using a speed painting technique. If you never seen a video of speed painting, there are plenty of them on youtube like this one. This step is really important in the preparation of controlling your body trough your mind. If you have difficulties making the hologram you should practice this step until becoming a true master of it. OK so once you build the hologram, have the image well memorized in your mind.

Then we proceed to the third step which is where you will try to leave your own body. To achieve this you have to complete the picture of your whole body. This will give your mind the angle of seeing you same as someone else is watching you. So, you start leaving your body as dropping down on the floor and leaving the physical shape of your body. Right here you have split your mind from your body. Do not feel scared or any of that. It’s all natural the mind to be separated from the body.

The forth step would be to stand up back on your feet. You will get a weird feeling same as being knocked out and trying to stand back up. As you are lifting your body up, you will start sensing the functions of the body. Some people even can hear the blood circulating in their veins. Once you have the picture of your body standing up on its feet, you have the full control of mind over body. While you see the body standing up, you might sense a tingling sensation around the belly button. Again, don’t get scared, it’s normal and natural. Because, as life starts in the womb of the mother and the only way that life comes inside the body is trough the belly line.

If you gotten this far, you have achieved the state of nirvana. Now you can control things around you and your body by using the mind power. Don’t worry if in the beginning you can’t see results. All it takes is a lot of dedication and practicing. The end result will elevate you as making you a better person.

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