2 Easy Astral Projection Techniques

Many people are afraid of performing astral projection simply because they think they might die. Of course, you won’t die from performing or trying to perform astral. There are people thinking they might die because they heard that astral is close to dieing. The truth is astral is deep meditation and/or hypnosis where the power of mind is the leading force.

In order to learn and even master astral projection you have to be 100% dedicated and not to give up trying under any circumstances. In the beginning it will be hard and you might get frustrated. Some methods work to some people as other don’t. Astral projection techniques are something you need to always be searching for as to master your meditation. Practicing as much as you can is always the best way to get closer to astral. There are two very simple astral projection techniques that you can start with learning astral.

The first technique is the so called: The Stretch Out Technique

Performing the technique begins as any other astral technique. You have to lay down, close your eyes and start breathing with your chest. While you have your eyes closed image that your body is stretching out. Try “stretching” the body as much as you can to the point where you see how your body extends its length by a couple of inches. Once you get to that point, stop stretching and allow your body to go back to its natural size and position.

Now move your head and stretch it out as much as you can and until you get that weird feeling that your head extended. Then again let your head go back to its natural position. Perform the stretch exercise back and forth where every time you extend more and more your body and head. Until you are being able to stretch as much as to feel the whole room. This technique is great for beginners because you learn to use your mind power.

The second technique is: The Hammock Technique

This astral projection technique is great exercise as well but is more trilling out-of-body experience. As usual performing the technique is to lay down, close your eyes and start breathing with your chest. While you breath you should feel yourself calming down and relaxing. Think for anything else but breathing. Picture yourself resting in a hammock and you may feel almost like falling asleep. Try to feel the vibrations coming off of the sways back and forth.

The vibrations are showing that you are going in per-projection mode. Once you start feeling buzzing, tingles and rapid heart rate you are close to going in your first astral projection. If you don’t feel the vibrations all over your body don’t give up just keep practicing. Astral projection is not something that comes easy but also it’s just for people with some extraordinary skills.

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  1. Alex

    I read many authors that said that astral projection is for everyone but it requires training. Is it or not? in the end of article it is stating that is for people with extraordinary skills,what does this mean ?


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