Can I discover my past lives by projecting?

Here is another very interesting question that we received:

Is it possible to discover your past lives by projecting?

There are a couple of theories out there about past lives in correlation with astral projection. Unfortunately, however, we cannot say which one of them is true at this point in time.

Theory #1

Each one of us has individually had many past lives.

Theory #2

In contradiction with the first theory, individually, we have never had past lives. Since we are, however, all essentially one – we can access a past life of the entire collective universal consciousness.

Sum up

It doesn’t really matter which of the two theories is true. Astral Projection can and WILL allow you to see past lives. Keep in mind though that this is a high level skill. It would be recommended to first master controlling the out of body state and maintaining awareness outside of your body before you do that.


So, yes you can discover past lives by projecting!


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