The Ultimate (AP) Astral Projection Technique

Today’s article will be quite special. Thanks to a tarot reading I gave myself (which had 8 Trumps in the 15 card Golden Dawn spread reading, indicating higher forces at work, for our tarot reading friends) as well as subsequent experiments, and synchronicities, I’ve encountered the ultimate technique to astral project easily.

Please note, the exact wording is astral project easily, not easily learn to astral project. The difference being the former allows you to easily accomplish it once you have attained the necessary skill level, which is what we are pushing for. Out-of-body experiences, astral projection, astral travel, and lucid dreams are no doubt extremely fun and exhilarating, but the reason for learning it is not fun at all. This is actually a very serious and solemn matter, not a game at all. This is the true path to freedom of the soul. Even the mighty Thoth said this.

At first, I did not want to share the following synchronicity with you, as it is, quite frankly, a bit embarrassing, but I think it is important. I’m not one to go on and on about ‘Oh my God, it was a sign,’ but I guess when it happens, it happens. While I was excitedly thinking of how to word the article I planned to write later that evening, as the exact sentence you previously read in bold font flashed through my mind, the sun burst out of the clouds on a previously cloudy day, reflecting off of a wooden pane, and dazzling me with blinding, yet gentle brilliance.

As I stared, dumbfounded, for about 2-3 seconds, I said: “OK, I understand. I accept your sign.” As if satisfied with my acknowledgement of its approval, the cosmos, or whoever was directing the weather on November 9th, 2015 in southern Germany, caused the sun flare up even brighter for a split second before it suddenly winked out, as if someone just turned out the lights. A cloud obviously got between the sun of course, but I was not dazzled by that much sunlight for the rest of the day. Divine approval? Astronomical coincidence? You decide. As for me, it’s no burning bush or descent of heaven on Earth, but hey, I will take it! Without awareness, all is for naught. This is why we are picking an effective, but not easy to learn skill. So without further ado: The most powerful skill that enables out-of-body experiences and astral projection, ladies and gentlemen.

The ultimate truth of out-of-body experience techniques is that there is no ultimate technique in the manner, which you imagine. Instead, there are skills that you can acquire that will allow ANY technique to work easily. Realize that you automatically have several out-of-body experiences and/or astral projections each night when you sleep. Today, we will cover the most important of those skills.

If you truly wish to learn to astral project easily, there is no shortcut, no silver bullet, you MUST increase your Resting Awareness Level or RAL. Now you may be asking what I mean by Resting Awareness Level. It means your level of awareness without any extra effort, without attempting to be aware. When you have, in time, increased this enough, your will can remain awake and aware even while your body sleeps, and lo, you will be conscious through your automatic out-of-body experiences, then taking full control of them with practice. This is the primary patriarch skill. There are many subskills that belong to this skill that are also useful: courage in the face of the unknown, concentration and focus, self-control including the mastery of your own emotions and feelings and thoughts, etc.

However, these skills are all easily attained with the mastery of awareness. If you are fully aware, you cannot be afraid, because you know your divinity and your power, nothing can harm you. If you are fully aware, then you are already fully concentrated. If you are fully aware, then you will not allow anything but you to control you. These will allow you to astral project easily. So we will concentrate on methods of increasing our RAL.

First on the menu is the ever-present and constantly mentioned meditation technique. Sorry, I know. Everyone says meditate, it’s like Shia LaBeouf is forcing his Nike slogan down our throats. Unfortunately, he is absolutely correct. Do it! It’s for the sake of our goal to astral project or have out-of-body experiences. 😉

Then we have something which may creep out some of our readers: the ritual. Another one is what I call the Intentional Habit Disrupter (IHD). Let’s not forget mantras! Of course, we cannot leave out the very mundane and easily forgotten, but nonetheless effective incremental enforcement of your will through habitual exercises in discipline.

Don’t fret, we’ll go over them all in detail in the second part of this series where we look at basic meditation.


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